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Managing Safety

There are a number of reasons you should be managing safety such as compliance to legislation; competitive edge for contracts and tender submissions; a genuine interest in getting rid of risks to stop injury or illness; and/or to show commitment to the safety and health of you and your staff, contractors, visitors and the wider community. Safety management that focuses on improving the work environment and work practices to ensure they are conducive to safety and health promotes positive development of your business and your people, and in doing so can enhance productivity.

Work safety and compliance to legislation is best achieved when you put together a work health and safety management systems (WHSMS) Whilst there are various models for a Safety Management System, the most effective system is one that suits your business. At Safe Business Systems NT, Rosie combines three core principles to build your safety management systems so it is a reflection of you and what you do.

Compensation comes too late, it is prevention that counts and Rosie at Safe Business Systems NT can work with you to put in to play health and well being initiatives supported by robust procedures to prevent injuries. But when an injury does happen it is important to understand that work injuries are very different to a private injury. Work injuries tend to be more serious and the injured worker can be quickly isolated from the workplace. The key with work injuries is early intervention and diagnosis. Rosie can assist you with managing an injured workers safe and timely return to work.

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Rosie Gibbins is also listed as a approved consultant for Integrated Management Services for the NTG Business Growth Program.