Posted on 27 Aug, 2020

SaferMe Explained in 1 minute

How many work­ers need to die before we take notice? The num­ber of fatal­i­ties occur­ring at work in the NT is heart­break­ing. It sad­dens me to know the NT has the high­est work­place fatal­i­ty rate (5‑year aver­age) in Aus­tralia. Some­times trag­ic acci­dents hap­pen, but every day I see busi­ness­es and work­ers ignor­ing the warn­ing signs and tak­ing short cuts. 

Ignor­ing the small­er warn­ing signs can over time, lead to major inci­dents. To avoid these inci­dents, busi­ness­es need to get back to the basics of man­ag­ing safe­ty. It starts with iden­ti­fy­ing haz­ards and elim­i­nat­ing risks in the work­place. This is a basic process every busi­ness should be look­ing at with their work­ers; Iden­ti­fy the haz­ard and get rid of the risks

You don’t want reports that show every­thing is going well, it’s bet­ter to be talk­ing with your work­ers about what’s not going right. Oppor­tu­ni­ties for report­ing are every­where in the con­ver­sa­tions we have dai­ly and yet report­ing gets missed. This includes: near miss­es, con­di­tions like cor­ro­sion in machin­ery, iso­la­tion fail­ures, under staffing, exces­sive over­time, process devi­a­tions and oth­er anom­alies – those things that hap­pen often which shouldn’t [1]

Take advan­tage of these con­ver­sa­tions to improve the rela­tion­ships you have with your staff, man­ag­er, col­leagues, clients and con­trac­tors. Share ideas, demon­strate com­mit­ment and take own­er­ship to improve safe­ty per­for­mance and report­ing with­in your business. 

Report­ing needs to be an easy process for your work­ers and Safer Me is a dig­i­tal solu­tion and could be a gamechang­er in your busi­ness. Here’s 5 rea­sons why

  1. Staff will be engaged 
  2. Real time report­ing for cor­rec­tive actions
  3. Auto­mat­ic work­flow process
  4. Every­thing in one place
  5. Designed to suit your business 

Staff Engage­ment

The imple­men­ta­tion of a health and safe­ty man­age­ment sys­tem is a planned and oper­a­tional deci­sion for any busi­ness or organ­i­sa­tion. The suc­cess of that sys­tem depends on lead­er­ship, com­mit­ment and par­tic­i­pa­tion from all lev­els of the busi­ness. Eas­i­ly acces­si­ble on your mobile phone or tablet, all staff will be keen to use Safer Me to com­plete any report (includ­ing adding pho­tos) needed.

Real time reporting 

Proac­tive report­ing of haz­ards helps your organ­i­sa­tion recog­nise and under­stand the haz­ards in your work­place and risks to staff. These can be phys­i­cal, chem­i­cal, bio­log­i­cal, psy­choso­cial, mechan­i­cal, elec­tri­cal or oth­er ener­gy. How­ev­er, iden­ti­fy­ing haz­ards should not be con­fined to a rou­tine check­list, it can also be any­time a work­er is car­ry­ing out a task or non-rou­tine activ­i­ty, or some­thing unplanned. Pro­vid­ing your work­ers with access to Safer Me will give them the oppor­tu­ni­ty to report any­time, even dur­ing a job, if some­thing unplanned takes place. 

Man­age work­flow processes 

Changes on the job are shown by the work­er edit­ing or com­plet­ing a form or upload­ing a pho­to with com­ments. The work­flow process is cre­at­ed auto­mat­i­cal­ly and record­ed for the job. The noti­fi­ca­tion process you set means the con­cern is esca­lat­ed to the right peo­ple in real time report­ing and in com­mu­ni­ca­tion with your workers. 

Every­thing in one place 

The extent of your safe­ty doc­u­men­ta­tion can dif­fer depend­ing on the size of your busi­ness and the activ­i­ties you do. When cre­at­ing and updat­ing doc­u­ments you need to show for­mat­ting such as the title, date, author and/​or ref­er­ence num­ber, in a for­mat whether paper or dig­i­tal and in a lan­guage that is suit­able for your work­ers. Your doc­u­ment­ed safe­ty infor­ma­tion needs to be avail­able to your work­ers and con­trolled to make sure they are work­ing with the most up to date infor­ma­tion. In Safer Me all this is cre­at­ed and updat­ed auto­mat­i­cal­ly for you and runs qui­et­ly in the back­ground, ready for you at the click of a button.

Designed for your business

No mat­ter what your busi­ness is, you have a require­ment to report on your safe­ty per­for­mance and demon­strate con­tin­u­al improve­ment. Safer Me helps your team report, noti­fy, col­lect, review, analyse, retain, retrieve, and archive your safe­ty report­ing activities.

Safer Me devel­ops your forms in a dig­i­tal plat­form exact­ly how you need them – your lay­out, design, and con­tent. This is not a one-off ser­vice. If your busi­ness grows or needs to adapt to changes, so do your forms. 

In man­ag­ing safe­ty there is no one size fits all, how­ev­er the objec­tives of your safe­ty man­age­ment sys­tem are the same as the next per­son. That is, to keep every work­er safe and healthy, phys­i­cal­ly, and mentally.

It’s not a game.

Go to safebiz​.com​.au and book a time for a free demon­stra­tion of Safer Me

[1] Andrew Hop­kins AIHS Webi­nar on Being a mind­ful organ­i­sa­tion June 2020